We Re-Imagine
What is Possible.

With a cross-disciplinary approach and almost thirty well-earned years experience under our belts, the breadth of our capabilities is diverse and versatile. Our uncommon amalgamation of skills enable us to be an innovative design firm for a broad range of industries including entertainment, hospitality, retail, dining, cultural attractions and urban revitalization.

We believe in listening carefully to what our clients say (and don’t say) and collaborate to develop creative narratives and design solutions that are authentic, practical, distinctive and memorable—the underpinnings of successful concepts.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Charettes (Brainstorming)
  • Story Development
  • Concept Design
  • Conceptual Estimation

We believe every project begins by writing a great story from which key characters and the world they live in are defined. As designers our focus is to create new, believable and never-before-seen characters that can function across various media, experiential and consumer applications.

  • Character design
  • Model sheets
  • 3D Digital Modeling
  • Maquettes

We believe in harnessing design to express the personality of an experiential place, through strategic insights brought to life with outstanding graphic visual literacy.

  • Research and Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand and Identity
  • Print and Collateral
  • Wayfinding
  • Retail and Environment
  • Media

We believe a good plan starts with a detailed program—integrating equally story, experience and operations to establish attendance, capacity, facility and entertainment requirements—and its seamless execution into a successful master plan.

  • Site Analysis
  • Program Development
  • Site Design
  • Master Planning

We believe that compelling entertainment has the power to inspire the imagination, touch emotions, educate and create meaningful experiences and unforgettable memories.

  • Streetmosphere
  • Parades
  • Character Shows
  • Festivals
  • Parties and Events
  • Nighttime Extravaganzas

We believe in taking our clients, and their guests, on once-in-a-lifetime journeys using the craft of drawing to create exceptionally beautiful designs that become entertaining places and meaningful experiences.

We believe a great story defines the success of any experience. This creative narrative is conceived with unbridled imagination that culminates into a visually rich show-experience for the guests but is also operationally efficient.

  • Architectural Design
  • Attraction Design
  • Entertainment Design
  • Media
  • Theatrical Design
  • Special Events

We Believe in the Creating the Extraordinary.

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